Advantages of Listing and Selling Your Dental Practice with Heath Care Practice Sales LLC

• Remove the reponsibility (and risk) of managing a dental practice)
• Allows you flexibility and more free time to pursue other ambitions or spend more time with family
• Opportunity to pay off outstanding debt
• 0% Commission under certain circumstances
• Sell your practice at the highest possible price
• Structure a practice continuity deal to allow you to continue to treat your patients
• Help you through (and in some cases eliminate) the many hassles of selling a dental practice. We will take control of and manage the many obstacles and moving parts of the transaction including the emotions and stress of buying and selling a dental practice.
• Transition your patients to a new dentist that shares the same approach to dental care as you

Seven Strategies to Get the Best Price for Your Dental Practice

If you are considering selling your dental practice, the best time to list it for sale is today. It is currently a seller’s market because of the low inventory of practices for sale and the high demand for dental offices. Additionally, the historically low 20 percent capital gains tax rate is not going to last forever.

Click on each Strategy to Expand. If you follow these, you can be confident you will receive top dollar when you sell your dental practice.

1. Maintain a Revenue Stream:

It does not matter to a buyer that you have the latest equipment in your office if the practice does not generate income and maintain a positive cash flow. When banks appraise the value of your practice, they base their calculations on the most recent year the practice generated the least amount of income, not the average revenue from the previous years.

Contact Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to learn the specific formula lenders use to calculate the market value of your practice.

2. Make Your Practice Sparkle:

When prospective buyers walk into your practice, they want to see a well-lit, clean, and attractive space. Take the time to clean carpets, floors, and wall so they are free from stains and de-clutter the office and front desk areas. You also need to ensure labs, operatories, and rest rooms are sanitized and spotless. Buyers also want to see supply areas that are organized and equipment that clean and well-maintained.

Contact Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to discover what aspects of your practice have the most influence on a prospective buyer’s opinion.

3. Upgrade and Update Your Equipment:

While it is not necessary to invest in the latest digital imagery equipment, prospective buyers will form a favorable opinion of your practice if they see new modern chairs and lights, even if they are only in two examination rooms.

Call Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to find out what two equipment upgrades have the greatest impact on a prospective buyer’s offer for your practice.

4. Clean Up Your Books:

Many times dentists forget how quickly small discretionary purchases can add up to significant outflows on their financial statement. Review your books and delete all non-essential expenses from your books so your financial statements reflect the optimal cash flow for your practice.

Contact Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to learn what aspects of your financial statement have the most influence on an accountant’s evaluation of the financial health of your practice.

5. Verify You Have a Transferable Lease:

If you lease office space, ensure the lease terms allow you to transfer the lease to a buyer and there is a minimum of 10 years left on the lease, which is required by lenders who finance dental practice purchases. If you do not have an assumable lease, arrange to have a new lease with the property owner that allows it to be transferred to a buyer. This simple step will add significant value to your practice.

Call Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to discover the most common reasons dental practice sales fail to close.

6. Support Appraisal with Credible and Verifiable Data:

Today’s young dentists are taught to value analytics, so you need to have concrete numbers to support the valuation of your practice. Ensure you have procedure code analyses, demographic profiles, insurance credentialing information and provider contracts, comprehensive practice management reports, P/L statements, and A/R reports ready for buyers to review. Organizing and professionally packaging this information increasing the credibility of the data, which facilitates the sale of your dental practice.

Contact Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to find out the reports that are critical to bank and prospective buyers.

7. List Your Practice Today:

While market conditions favor sellers, the lending environment is favorable for buyer with record low interest rates. The current inventory of dental practices for sale is at historic lows, so new graduates are actively competing with one another to buy your practice. Take advantage of this rare market climate and put your practice on the market now.

Call Health Care Practice Sales, LLC to learn the consequences of waiting to sell your practice.

*0% Commission for Qualified Sellers

Sellers whose PPO/ fee for service practices gross an average of $800,000 or more annually and who agree to work for the practice for at least two years following the sale may not have to pay any commissions to us. This is because some buyers are willing to pay our entire commissions when they buy practices that meet those criteria. Additionally, sellers who stay with the practice as employees can obtain health insurance, a 401(k), profit sharing contributions and other fringe benefits. 

Reaching a Great Deal

Health Care Practice Sales ensures that you are very pleased with the price you received and the overall deal, while the buyer is also highly satisfied with the transaction. If you use Health Care Practices, you will always obtain the maximum fair market value for your practice.

At your request, we can communicate offers and counteroffers.  We always promptly and comprehensively answer all questions from both sides. Moreover, we thoroughly educate prospective buyers about the high value and the advantages of your practice.  Health Care Practices also helps prospective buyers understand the financial data of your dental practice. Importantly, we show prospective buyers how purchasing your practice will enable them to make a great living.

We are one of the few brokers who accompany prospective buyers on every one of their visits to your practice.

With our persistence and hard work, we overcome all obstacles and get the deal done.  Additionally, Health Care Practices Sales provides contracts and agreements to the parties.

Extensive Resources

We have many contacts in dentistry, including dozens of buyers and sellers of dental practices.  Furthermore, we maintain a database of dentistry practices for sale in the tri-state area. Our extensive resources will enable you to quickly and easily find a good match, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

  • Work with banks to prescreen and prequalify buyers
  • Recruit highly qualified prospective buyers
  • Follow up with prospective buyers
  • Ease and address concerns raised by buyers
  • Solve problems, eliminate roadblocks, and minimize red tape and hassle
  • Ensure that all buyers sign confidentiality agreements
  • Quickly and comprehensively answer any and all questions raised by buyers and sellers
  • Refer buyers to highly reputable financial institutions that will provide financing equal to at least 100% of the purchase price and offer the lowest interest rates available
  • Refer buyers and sellers to highly efficient, top-notch attorneys who are extremely well-versed in the dentistry business
  • Help buyers obtain leases
  • Facilitate and help manage negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • Initiate and manage competition among prospective buyers
  • Arrange buyer visits and ensure that they go smoothly
  • Offer input on buyer requests and offers
  • Provide practice appraisals carried out by our staff CPAs
  • Ensure that the structure of the deal is optimized for tax purposes
  • Do not charge any upfront fees; no commission or fees are charged until the deal is completed
  • Some sellers do not have to pay any commission
  • Advise sellers on best practices for dealing with patients and staff
  • Ensure that sellers obtain a final price that will meet their expectations and fully satisfy them
  • Provide unparalleled, amazing, hands-on, 24/7 service