Extensive Resources

We have many contacts in dentistry, including dozens of buyers and sellers of dental practices.  Furthermore, we maintain a database of dentistry practices for sale in the tri-state area. Our extensive resources will enable you to quickly and easily find a good match, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

  • Provide practice appraisals carried out by our staff CPAs
  • Estimate the future valuation of practices based on work by our CPAs
  • Refer buyers to highly reputable financial institutions that will provide financing equal to at least 100% of the purchase price and offer the lowest interest rates available
  • Refer buyers and sellers to highly efficient, top-notch attorneys who are extremely well-versed in the dentistry business
  • Help buyers obtain leases
  • Assist  in the preparation of offers
  • Facilitate and help manage negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • Suggest payment options  and buy-in/buy-out methods for partnerships
  • Provide input on the structure of partnerships
  • Explain and provide guidance on the insurance  credentialing process
  • Ensure that the final price will meet buyers’ expectations and fully satisfy them
  • Provide unparalleled, amazing, hands-on, 24/7 service