About Dr. Gary, President

Six months after completing his residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, Dr. Gary began his successful career as a dentist by purchasing a dental practice which included a building, a parking lot, and an existing dental office. In subsequent years, he opened two additional offices in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Consistently providing patient-centered care and outstanding service, Dr. Gary’s practice was extremely prosperous and highly rated. While Dr. Gary was in the process of selling his three offices, he found that multiple dental brokers did not take a hands-on role in the process, as they were not present when he met with the prospective buyers of his offices.

As a result of this experience, Dr. Gary was inspired to start his own dental brokerage firm that would provide unparalleled, amazing, hands-on, 24/7 service.  Healthcare Practice Sales LLC is the embodiment of that vision.


Great Experience + Outstanding Service = Superb Outcomes

Health Care Practice Sales LLC is led by Dr. Gary, a highly experienced dentist and dental practice broker who is extremely well-versed in all the complexities of buying and selling dental practices. Our team, which also includes two CPAs, has brokered the sale of multiple practices in several states. We leverage our expertise and outstanding service to ensure that negotiations and the entire sale process are highly successful for buyers and sellers. All of our customers are always extremely pleased with every aspect of the transaction, including the final price.


Unmatched Dedication to Clients

We will work harder for you than any other broker, constantly providing the highest quality service and answering your questions seven days a week, 24 hours per day and 363 days per year. (Christmas and Easter are the only days we don’t take calls).


High Satisfaction, Low Hassle Guaranteed

We will stay in constant, close contact with every party involved in the transaction, including banks, attorneys, and accountants. As a result, you will not have to handle any aspect of the deal on your own, the sale process will go very smoothly, and you will not have any negative surprises. Your hassle will be minimized, and your satisfaction will be maximized. 


Invaluable Deliverables

By facilitating negotiations before lawyers become involved and recommending top-notch attorneys who know the dentistry business; we keep your legal fees low. Also included with our service are free on-site appraisals, marketing assistance, prescreening of buyers and sellers, and on-site evaluations.

Using our extensive connections with local and national banks, we will ensure that buyers get the lowest rates and the best service.

If you try to sell your practice yourself, you can only speak with the buyer and your attorney. If you don’t get along with the buyer for some reason, you can only speak with your attorney, therefore limiting the negotiations.

We, however, can communicate with the buyer’s attorney, the buyer’s bank, and many other parties. Using this superior access and our vast experience in selling dental practices, we make selling your dental practice much easier and more lucrative than trying to sell it by yourself.   


Free Loaner Equipment Replacement Program     

Buyers can take advantage of our free loaner program. We keep various dental equipment – including sterilizers, compressors, suction units, cavitrons, and curing lights – at a ground-level location. Dental equipment can often break down. If your equipment breaks during the first year following the transaction, you can use our equipment for up to one year at no charge. By that time, you will be able to afford to purchase permanent replacements.

Other pieces of equipment you can utilize under this program include  X-ray machines, Kerr cordless bonding lights, slow speed hand pieces, high speed hand pieces, ultrasonic lab machines, vacuformers, and lab vibrators.


One-Stop Shop

We are happy to work with any professional attorneys, accountants or bankers whom our clients want to utilize. However, we can provide you with the most knowledgeable, experienced dental attorneys, dental accountants, and banks, saving you a great deal of time and money and making the transaction more successful.

We recruit highly qualified prospective buyers. All of our prospective buyers sign confidentiality agreements. Working with banks that specialize in dental transactions, we prescreen and prequalify all prospective buyers.


Practice Appraisals

Our two in-house CPAs, who are highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable about dental practices, will assess the value of your practice. They will conduct an in-depth, complete evaluation and feasibility appraisal of your practice. Using three different financial approaches, our CPAs will accurately assess the value of your current practice. For prospective buyers, our CPAs will estimate the pro forma income of the practice you are interested in purchasing. 


0% Commission for Qualified Sellers

Sellers whose PPO/ fee for service practices gross an average of $800,000 or more annually and who agree to work for the practice for at least two years following the sale may not have to pay any commissions to us. This is because some buyers are willing to pay our entire commissions when they buy practices that meet those criteria. Additionally, sellers who stay with the practice as employees can obtain health insurance, a 401(k), profit sharing contributions and other fringe benefits.