Are you a dentist in the market for a New York dental practice? Do you own a dental practice in the Empire State that you would like to sell? If you find yourself in either position, hiring a dental practice broker should be a serious consideration. 

A New York dental practice broker removes some of the stress, ambiguity and pressure from the situation. A qualified dental practice broker by your side as you buy or sell a dental clinic is a wise choice.

Dr. Gary has everything you need to buy or sell a dental practice in New York. He has decades of experience helping people just like you achieve their dream of owning a dental practice or moving on from one and in-depth industry knowledge few others have. He works with the buyers, sellers, attorneys, accountants, landowners and other brokers so you don’t have to. He is also a dentist who has purchased and sold dental practices.

What Does A New York Dental Practice Broker Do?

Buying or selling a dental practice on your own is a complex process. The paperwork alone is enough to keep a lot of dentists from achieving their goal of retiring or purchasing their first practice.

Your New York dental practice broker helps shoulder the burden in many ways. From finding buyers and sellers to performing due diligence to knowing what to do at any point throughout the process, a dental practice broker is an ally you can count on.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Dr. Gary By Your Side?

During the valuation of the practice, Dr. Gary uses tried and true formulas to deliver accurate, objective figures that give you a concrete idea of what the numbers are. This step is important because both buyers and sellers will want accurate information on what the practice is worth. Many factors go into this step, such as dental equipment, location, number of patients, the potential for growth, staff numbers and revenue by the month. 

After the practice is valued, both sides negotiate and agree on the terms of the sale. Dr. Gary goes back and forth with the other party for you until an agreement is met. Then the legal contracts are drawn up. 

Dr. Gary has working relationships with attorneys specializing in dental practice contracts, so you can rest assured that all of the details will be laid out clearly and accurately in the contract. 

Next, now that the practice has been valued, the price agreed upon and the contracts are drawn up, it will be time to transition. If you’re buying the practice, Dr. Gary will discuss plans for the existing staff with you and further facilitate your transition in any way he can.

If you’re selling, Dr. Gary will help you get your ducks in a row when it comes to your legal, bookkeeping and other agreements laid out in the contract. He can also provide sound advice on when to tell the staff the practice has been sold and how to smoothly hand over operations.

Dr. Gary Is The New York Dental Practice Broker For You

Dr. Gary will check in with you even after the deal is completed to ensure all is going well. If you’re in New York and want to sell or buy a dental practice, don’t go at it alone. Contact Dr. Gary at the Dental Practice Guide by email at, call us at 201-663-0935, or fill out our contact form.